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Don’t look now, but there’s a bright, sunny spot in your winter calendar; the circus is coming to town!

Omnium Circus offers a uniquely accessible and inclusive day of family-friendly fun this February. We talked with Lisa Lewis, the Executive Director and founder of Omnium Circus, about this year’s show at Capital One Hall.

“I have been working on creating access to the circus experience for different groups of people for years. I wanted to create a show where every member of a family could attend together, and special access was available at every show for those with mobility, hearing, seeing, or sensory challenges. At the same time, it had become really obvious to me how important representation is to our audience. It’s powerful to see someone give an incredible performance and think to yourself, “That person is like me.””

When the pandemic gave Lisa Lewis time off from performing to focus on new projects, she outlined the idea of a circus made up of diverse performers and the kind of accessibility that is unheard of in much of the theater community.

To show potential sponsors what the experience could be like, she asked several performers to film their acts and then stitched them together into a virtual show. Sponsors and venues gave the nod - and that demo show reached over 300,000 viewers!

Last year the Omnium Circus was finally able to take their performances live, opening at Capital One Hall. The company has since played many venues, including Queens Theater in Queens and the Umbrella Festival at Lincoln Center in New York City. Their return to Capital One Hall is highly anticipated. Lisa Lewis mentioned how easy accessibility is at the theater.

“With 1500 seats, we can genuinely welcome everyone to the show. And Capital One Hall easily accommodates wheelchairs, assisted listening, those needing lighting during the show, and a calming area for those needing a sensory break. We bring with us a live audio describer so those with diminished vision can hear the show, and we perform in both English and American sign language as part of the action.”

This year’s show delivers excitement, thrills, and laughs as only a circus can. Acrobats and dancers join clowns and contortionists with performances from an incredible crossbow archer, an aerialist who happens to be a double amputee, the first African-American performing troupe, the King Charles Unicyclists, high wire and balancing acts, and more. The Capital One Hall performance will also feature Miss Virginia, Victoria Chia.

Lisa Lewis let us in on a little secret. Before each show, the cast gathers backstage for a company meeting, ending with their signature rallying cry, “Change the world!” Indeed, every member of the company, from those on the business side to front-of-house performers, exudes a positivity that is palpable – and contagious.

Celebrating the power, the passion, and the perseverance of the human spirit, the performance will leave your family smiling. Schedule some time in a bright, sunny place this February – visit this Omnium Circus.  Tickets are available for purchase here!