Omnium Circus presents I'mPossible

Omnium Circus presents I'mPossible

February 24, 2024
Saturday, Feb 24 Doors: 1:00 PM Buy Tickets

Event Details

A hispanic-italian woman wearing a gray outfit using multiple parts of her body to hula hoop with 6 rainbow colored hula hoops, each illuminated with LED lights.

An aerial artist soars high above the stage holding on to a rope, while the other performers look on with excitement.

Rik Daniels performing on stage; he is wearing a sparkly gold shirt with purple pants. He is hand standing on his wheelchair with his legs vertically above him.

Two clowns on stage play with bubbles; one makes a MASSIVE long bubble as the other looks on with wide eyed amazement, their mouth wide open with awe.

A man dressed in black aims a crossbow towards an apple that is on top of a woman's head, She is dressed in a black dress and standing in front of large red and white target.

The entire Omnium company of performers takes a final bow in front of a packed audience at Capital One Hall.

A woman without legs is performing a handstand on a brightly decorated wheelchair while a man who is lying on the ground beneath her is supporting golden aerial silks .

Four African American basketball players join hands as race around the stage on unicycles

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